The Art of Surrender…

I am learning to live between effort and surrender.
I do my best and hope for what I want,
but I embrace the possibilities of the future
with an open mind and an open heart.

Through the art of surrender,
I move from outer turmoil to inner peace.
By letting go of outcomes and expectations,
I transform a painful experience into a positive,
fruitful endeavor.

When fear gets the best of me, I surrender to the Universe.
When I release my resistance to the Universe,
I am able to make space for -and receive- all the
things that want to flow into my life for my highest good.

— Charlene Lobarbio

Published by chainofreflections

Charlene Lobarbio loves to reflect on different topics such as life, love, personal growth and everything in between. Her hope is that these reflections speak to your soul.

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